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Originally released in 2005, “Nite Versions” is a collection of remixed songs from 2004’s “Any Minute Now” LP.  

"This album was our attempt at showing that even though we were seen as a revelation in dance music, we were rock kids playing in a rock band. For a few of the singles we released off that album, we had asked other people to remix our tracks, but even though we liked them, we realised we wouldn’t play them in our own DJ sets. So, we decided to remix ourselves. Even though the name Nite Versions is a nod to the Night Versions remixes of the first Duran Duran singles which broke them in the US, conceptually our biggest influence was an album from 1982 called Love and Dancing by The League Unlimited Orchestra, which was essentially the hit album Dare by The Human League remixed by them and their producer in such a simple way that to this day still sounds more interesting than the original to us. The Nite Versions album only became an album after we had made a few of them for the single releases and we then realised we should remix the whole album which we did in a few weeks’ time in between our ever-increasing DJ touring life” David & Stephen Dewaele. 

Artwork by Trevor Jackson

Track list:

A1. Teachers
A2. Miserable Girl
A3. E Talking
B1. Compute
B2. Slowdance
C1. I Love Techno
C2. KracK
D1. Accidents and Compliments
D2. NY Lipps